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Potassium Gluconate
Molecular formula:C6H11KO7
Molecular weight:234.25
CAS No.:299-27-4
Property:white crystal powder or crystal. Odorless slightly bitter taste stable in air ,easily soluble in water and glycerine.
Usage:The product is an effective supplement agent of potassium. It is able to maintain the osmotic pressure in the cell, to regulate the acid-base balance in the body and have an important function for maintaining the tension of skeletal muscle. It is not only an effective supplement agent of potassium for all kinds of potassium deficiency diseases to human body but also a good food fortifier of potassium, chelate agent. We always export “potassium gluconate” to Japan, Korea and other countries in the Southeast Asia. The quality of this product enjoys high reputation both at home and aboard.
Packing:Net in 25KG Kraft Paper Bag/25KG Cardboard Drum.

Assay (as anhydrous basis)



Meets the requirement

Loss on drying

3.0% Max (anhydrate)

Heavy metal

0.002% Max

Reducing matter

1% Max