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Calcium Lignosulphonate
CAS No.:8061-52-7
Property:Light yellow powder

1. As cohesive agent, it can be used to mould ceramic and fireproofing and enhancement agent.

2. It can be used as agricultural additive and emulsifying agent.

3. It can be used as a bonder in the field of animal and poultry feed.

4. As water-reducing used in construction concrete project, it can improve mixture character and the quality of project.

5. As floating agent, it can be engaged in mineral separation and as bonding agent in metallurgical dust industry.

6. As mixture diluent used in producing concrete, it can improve mixture fluidity, save water and energy.

Packing:Net in 25KG plastic woven bag.


Total lignosulphonate

50% Min

55% Min

Reduced material

12% Min

12% Max

Insoluble matter in water

1.5% Max

2.5% Max

Moisture content

7.0% Max

9.0% Max